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2017 Summer Hair Tips and Trends

Brighten up

If you’ve been thinking about adding some Balayge Highlights, Summer is the Season to do it! At Suite Hair Styles Studio, I ensure you will receive an effective consultation that results in bringing out only your best features. This is how you end up with those head turning locks that will have everyone asking “how you got your hair like that?”!

What is Balayge Highlights? Think separately placed highlights, leaving your hair highlighted as if you sat in the sun all summer long.

Ditch the Damage
Before summer starts, get a haircut! Even if it’s just to clean off those ends. While split ends might go unnoticed during the colder months, the summer sun will only shine brighter on those dry ends. Plus, you’ll feel, fresh, stylish, and ready for whatever summer plans you have!


Select The Appropriate Hair Products

If you’re someone who doesn’t think product makes a difference, than you haven’t found the appropriate hair product for YOU! Just like skin care, everyone has a regime that works best for their hair type. At Suite Hair Styles Studio I’m more than happy to find the perfect product match considering all your hair concerns and needs.



Summer is a perfect time to have fun with any accessories you may have, especially hats & sunglasses. Protect your hair just like you would your face. I recommend wearing a hat as often as possible to protect your hair when out this summer. Visit the blog o see some of my favorite accessorizes.


Rock your natural wave
With the hotter temperatures ahead of us, take a break from the hot tools and blow dryers. This will allow your hair to grow and have a chance to get a little healthier overall this summer. Let your hair air dry 100%, style using braids, hair clips or ponytails for fun looks to try this summer.





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