A Green Velvet Dress For Every Body Shape

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Green Velvet Deep Square Cut Long Sleeve Midi Dress (NOW ON SALE FOR LESS THAN $15.00!!!! D2B8D0D5-D4E3-4387-8935-BAE6CF4FC649


Matching Metal Shape Tassel Earrings (NOW LESS THAN $7.00!!)   This is the ULTIMATE Holiday Party/Christmas Dress. This Winter Green is just a gorgeous color & so festive! I’ve been super into green velvet this season. Shirts, skirt, dresses…I’m all about it!!! It’s a timeless fabric that has such a beautiful elegance to it. It is the perfect time of year to wear this type of fabric; it’s rich, warm and so soft! I’ve recently shopped from & have been happy with the service, products and delivery. Below I’m sharing some my favorite deep purple lip color from MAC that I like to pair with this green velvet dress and some other holiday dress options in this color. Happy Holidays!!! Nicole!

 ..The Perfect Winter Lip Color.. 

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