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Affordable Active Wear & Tips For That Summer Body




Summer is just weeks away which means it’s time to get that summer body into shape!! I’m not a big fan of gyms, so I lean more towards yoga, Pilates and hiking for my go to workouts. It’s so important to find a workout you like so you can stay consistent with it.

Along with my weekly workouts, eating clean & portion control are a few daily habits I try to keep in my daily routine to help keep my body & mind in shape throughout the year. Even during workouts I feel the look good/feel good rule applies. When doing anything outside such as hiking or my daily walks, a hat is a MUST to avoid excess sun exposure.  I love the nylon black baseball cap for any occasion. It’s also sweat proof which is helpful for your workouts. I’ve shared some of my favorite workout attire to shop from below.

Helpful tips for staying in shape:
1. Drink plenty of water & lemon
2. Kombuca tea
3. Walk at least 30-60 min a day
4. Eliminate or reduce alcohol intake
5. Portion control (I do this often with dessert, instead of a whole piece of cake I’ll have a few bites)
6. Pilates is one of the best workouts I’ve found for the female body. It leans out, tones and strengths your body.
7. Load up on super green foods. Kale is my number one choice! I add it to pizza, soups, smoothies and salads. (Cut kale with kitchen scissors into tiny pieces, helps mellow out the strong taste)
8. Eat a balance diet.
9. Smoothies are a great way to fill up, get nutrients and help to flatten the tummy.  (My favorite blend is kale, mango, coconut milk, ice & 1/2 avocado)
10. Most importantly, every body shape is supposed to be different – do your best, don’t compare and remember to always love yourself!!

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