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Hey Friends!! If you’re anything like me and utilize your Amazon Prime up till the last day before a trip, then you might love this post! I love that I can order anything that I may have forgotten to pick up before a trip within 24hrs!! Below I’ve linked a few of my favorite must have items for any summer traveling.

One of my top favorite Amazon finds for this summer’s vacation is the portable charger for our phones. Although we enjoyed taking a little break and disconnecting on our recent trip to Cancun, it’s always nice to have phone access when traveling! This cute pink Mophie universal charger was super handy.

When it comes to the sun, if you follow me then you already know I’m always working on keeping my skin healthy and that means staying clear of the sun! This rimmed hat from Amazon was everything for our trip last weekend. I pretty much wore it everyday! I  love the cutout on top which allows to still have a cute hairstyle while covering your face from the strong sun exposure you may endure on any beach vacations this summer.

My other favorite purchase was this OFF bug repellent spray. Last year in Barbados, I had bug bites all over and it was a total buzz kill. This year I came prepared and stayed lathered in this OFF spray.  I also wore a yellow bug repellent wrist band you’ll see in almost all my photos, which I think really helped!! Stay tuned for my linked items from our recent Cancun trip! Shop my Amazon influencer account by clicking this link NicoleSuiteStylesAmazonInfluencer


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