Hearty Avocado Toast Breakfast


 If you’re a total avocado lover like myself than you’re going to LOVE this recipe! It’ll fill you up loaded with tons of protein and healthy fats! This avocado toast is out of this world delicious!



Serving for 2

5 pieces of bacon

4 eggs

4 multi grain toast

2 avocados ripe

1/4 of diced red onions

1/4 of  lemon

Season: Red pepper flakes, onion powder, lemon pepper & garlic salt. (add to your liking)


Oven bake bacon at 400 for 20 min

Mix in bowl avocados, red onion, lemon, & seasonings. Leave the pit of the avocado in the bowl. (this keeps the avocados ripe as they sit) Set aside or in the fridge.

Then prepare eggs over hard to place on top of the toast. ( or however you like your eggs)

Toast bread

Place toppings on toast starting with the avocado, bacon & egg. Enjoy!

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