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How to Achieve the Bombshell Blowout Loose Waves:


Here we have a natural sun kissed Balayage color. Finished with the signature Bombshell Blowout at Suite Hair Styles Studio. Check below for directions on how to achieve this look at home. Hope it helps!

How to Achieve the Bombshell Blowout Loose Waves:
1. Smooth hair to desired texture.
2. Divide the hair down the middle, till you reach the back of your neck.
3. Clip the two sections ( almost as if your were making two pigtails).
4. Curl hair in each section: away from the face.
5. Your curls should eventually meet each other in the back of your. Resulting in a balanced wave pattern throughout your entire hairstyle.
Products to use during this look.

1. Hot Tools 1 1/2″ curling iron
2. Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil
3. Joico Iron Clad Heat Protectant
4. Joico Flip Turn Hairspray

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