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Hey Friends! I’m so excited to share this new Beauty skin care secret with you!!! Because I’ve been acne prone for years I’ve tried a handful of things to help calm and manage my acne and acne scars.

Diane is a nurse at Dr. Akramonsn’s office in Newport Beach, right near Fashion Island. She’s also been a friend/client of mine for more than a few years now so I really trusted her when she recommended I try micro-needling. Knowing that she was going to be the one doing it made me feel a lot better.

She informed me of the whole process step by step, showed me before and after pictures of others who’d done this, and was so patient with all my questions and concerns which I really appreciated. I was anxious to do anything to my face being that “it’s my face” …lol! But, I’ve reached a point that I couldn’t handle my acne scars and needed to do something a little stronger than a lightening cream or microdermabrasion.

On Oct. 1st I did my first micro-needling session.


Day 1 I was slightly red which was anticipated. Day 2-4 my skin felt tight and flaked very lightly. I noticed an overall difference in my skin closer to day 5-10. Everyday my skin started to appear smoother, my pours became smaller and the scars started to lighten up.

I laid off the make up for a week after getting the micro-needling done, just to keep my skin fresh and not clog any pores & etc.

1 month later, I’ve noticed less break outs, more of an overall even skin tone & my skin is starting to look a lot better in general. I feel more confident without make up & when I do wear make up it looks so much smoother. I hated wearing make up when I had a ton of pimples on my skin.

The Process:



Other things I’ve done to keep my skin clear that I feel have helped are the following:

* Monthly facials from your Esthetician. I see Spela, located in Lake Forest.

*Stayed away from processed sugar as much as possible. (I haven’t been perfect but I’ve made a huge lifestyle change.)

*Sheet masks have helped! I love Sephora’s sheet mask.

*Drinking tons of water.

1 Month later



Today I went in for my 2nd treatment & I’m so excited to update you guys on what changes I’ve noticed!

Boris M. Ackerman, M.D.
360 San Miguel Drive, Suite 607
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 759-3284

*Ask for Diane.

**I’ll be updating you with more and before & after pictures sync the end of the week.

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