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New Jersey Fashion & Activity Highlights


To say we had an amazing time on our recent trip back east is an understatement. It was so special to spend time with my family and friends all in one week. The time spent in New Jersey was in honor of my Aunt Maryanne who has since passed. We took this time to celebrate her life and cherish the moments we have left together as a family.

This trip was truly a beautiful weekend of love, tears & laughter that we all shared together. In Aunt Maryann’s honor, we all came together and made memories that will last a lifetime. Wishing my Aunt Maryanne will RIP & that she and her family know she’ll be very missed by her loved ones.


(Katherine, my Aunt Lynn & Mama outside of our beach house)


Throughout out visit, we explored Seaside Heights, NJ which is where my mom & sisters grew up. We all rented a beautiful condo with gorgeous beach front views. We were so fortunate to have our cousins, aunts and uncle that live in jersey and North Carolina, all join together on this trip.

(Coffee at sunrise on the Jersey Shore)

Some of the highlights of the trip to NJ was driving around town listening to my mom’s & other family members stories. My grandfather was a mason carpenter and built multiple homes on the island, which was so special to see. He built this house below, with my Uncle Lance for my Aunt Lynn & her family. It survived Hurricane Sandy, so I had so much appreciation seeing it again on this trip.


(One of the many homes my grandfather built. He & my Uncle built this one for my aunt and thier family)

We visited the Jersey Shore pier both during the day and enjoyed the nightlife scene which was super fun. It was so cool to hear my family’s stories of what life was like growing up on the island and visiting bars and restaurants my grandparents went to – at this point in my life I have so much gratitude for moments like these.


New Jersey Highlights

Jersey Shore Pier – fun day outside with family and friends. Arcades, beach, & amusement park.5711ECC1-2B34-4123-922A-003EA92999AE

Jr’s Ocean Bar and Grill – This is a perfect spot for a night out. The DJ that was there both nights was on point. It’s a more casual bar scene, super fun if your up for a night full of dancing and good music.



Klee’s Bar & Grill – Great spot for a causal Jersey dinner and bar scene. This is a very family friendly spot located just a few feet away from the beach. This was a must see for the family due to the fact that my grandparents were regulars at this spot when my mom was growing up in Seaside.

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