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Thinking of Halo Couture Extentions?

IMG_1931Have you been thinking of getting hair extentions? I felt the need to share this before and after of what you can have in just seconds when using the Halo Extentions. When using the Halo you can add length, fullness and even more dimension to your hair color.

I’ve played with hair extentions for over ten years. The Halo is by far the best temporary hair extention piece i’ve came across.

The Halo is very easy to maintain. It’s a one time purachse that inculdes The Halo, custom color match, custom hair cut and custom fitting.




You put the Halo on in the morning and easily take it off in the eveing. When using the Halo there is no damage that will effect your hair whatsoever. LOVE THAT!!  This is a perfect accesory to add to your beauty wardrobe.

Price varys on length. If you or someone you know is interested in Halo Extentions contact Nicole Suite for your FREE consultation today. Book your appointment today!


Nicole Suite

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