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Vacation Luggage & Travel Packing Tips

ED79A8C0-AFDC-4B42-92D2-51548694A8CDHey friends! Today I’m sharing  my top fundamental packing tips that everyone should consider before traveling. Nothing can change the mood more than forgetting something important or over packing so much that you’re holding up the lines at the airport. Some of my top tips for you are making a list, have a color theme & carry on your valuable ALWAYS.  Scroll below to shop and learn more about these super helpful traveling tips.

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 ..The Perfect Weekend Getaway Bag.. Below you can find some helpful fashion packing tips to consider:

Make A List

Making a list a few weeks beforehand of what you’ll need is the best way to ensure you do not procrastinate. This always helps to allow more time for the things that can’t be done in a few days notice. Things like dry cleaning, international phone changes & of course making sure you have the correct shipping date on any last minute online purchases.

Have a Color Theme

Having a color theme for your looks allows you to pack fewer pieces that’ll mix and match with one another. This is a great way to make space in your luggage & keep a nice flow to your summer vacation style. For my trip to Barbados, I chose bright tones like vibrant yellows, magenta/pinks & lots of blues…royal blue especially. To accessorize, I’ll be having fun with metallics & statement earrings.

Carry on Valuables

When it comes to carry-ons, I always insist on packing an extra set of clothes & any valuables. Nothing’s worse than not getting your luggage on time (or it being lost) but these extras are always helpful to have just in case. Keep them with you along with whatever must have items you’d need & regardless, you’ll be prepared for whatever swings your way! Remember when bringing liquids that you can only carry on 3.4 ounce bottles or smaller inside a single, clear, quart size zip-top bag.

I’ve rounded up some of this years most popular travel luggage favorites. I recently purchased my CalPak Luggage set and really loved traveling with them. Their made with quality material & super easy to get around with.

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