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Tips on Balancing a Healthy & Active Lifestyle








Hey Friends! Happy Monday! Consistency is key when it comes to balancing a healthy and happy lifestyle. Today I’m going to share some helpful tips I incorporate into my daily routine, my weekly workouts & some of my favorite and very affordable workout gear. Old Navy is my spot when it comes to workout gear. They have so many amazing workout pieces for whatever activity your in to.

1.When it comes to staying in shape, my first tip is to find a workout buddy! I have two: Stella my 2.5 year old Labrador & my dear friend Kristen, who’s also my blog photographer.

2. Stay consistent & choose a workout that you like. So often we try to keep up with workout styles that we just don’t like. Now, you don’t have to love the workout you’re doing but at least like it enough to eventually look forward to it. I used to do the cross fit high intensity workouts with my friends and I just never came around to getting into it. I finally discovered I prefer low intensity style workouts. Since then, I have found a love for walking, Pilates, and hot yoga. Stella and I walk anywhere from 2-4 miles a day. In addition, I try to make it to Pilates or hot yoga class 1 or 2 times a week. I also go hiking in either Laguna or Peters Canyon a few times a month and that’s usually about a 3-5 mile hike. I like to schedule this in my planner for the week – I find that when I see it on the books, it’s easier to make it happen.

3. Food and portion control is key. My rule is: Eat everything in moderation. As of July, I’ve attempted to give up processed sugar and dairy. I haven’t been perfect and indulge occasionally, but for the most part, I keep those two out of my diet due to having acne prone skin. I have noticed for me, personally, I don’t break out nearly as much after eliminating the two. I think this also helps keep the unwanted weight down. All in all, I try to stay active daily as well as load up on what I like to call the “golden greens”:  Kale, spinach and broccoli are three veggies I try to add to meals at least once a day.

I find that keeping everything balanced & trying my best to stay consistent helps keep my body, mind and spirit in a happy and healthy place. It takes work, but it’s worth it!

Last but not least, if you look good while working out, then I think you’re more inclined to get out there and get your workout done. I’m not saying a full head of hair and make up, but having a nice workout outfit that you’re comfortable in and look forward to wearing helps with the motivation part, at least for me.  Along those lines, I thought this headband I have on in these pictures was so cute! I found it at Kini Bands and this particular headband is made out of nylon & was so soft! I love these types of hair accessories when I’m working out because they’re perfect for  keeping my hair in place and out of my face. They have a ton of different styles and hair accessories. Visit their site at to check them out.

Below I’m sharing some more of my favorite workout looks that are a perfect range from dog walks, hiking, yoga all the way to Pilates!  Have a great day friends!

 ..Workout Sweaters, Sports Bras, & Dog Walking Knit Sweater..

 ..Yoga & Pilates Pants..

 ..Must Have Nikes..

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