Blue Velvet Skirt LC


Is anyone else loving anything blue velvet right now? This Lauren Conrad skirt is one of my favorite go to pieces around this time of year. It’s so fun and festive. When you look your best you feel your best…Right?! So why not have a fun time wearing something like this super cute skirt this holiday season? Wearing something blue velvet in your outfit this year is an excellent way to switch up your usual red and green.


These French Connection shoes are the perfect multi-seasonal heel, they are so comfortable, versatile, and very affordable! This high neck silk floral blouse is also another multi-seasonal transitional piece I wear throughout the year, depending on what I pair it with, I can totally change the feel of my outfit. Point is, don’t be afraid to mix and match fun colors and patterns together. Add a little life to your outfit! It’s way more fun that way!! Be Bold.


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