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Coachella Style Inspiration






A few years back my girls and I decided, super last minute on a Friday, we were going to have our first Coachella experience! We bought our tickets the day of and I’m so glad we did!! We partied for about three days straight and made memories that’ll last forever! We’ve been friends for over 20 years, so it just seemed right to take this spontaneous trip out with these ladies!!

We rented a house across the street through Air BNB, which was so helpful for getting to and from the venue. One of our friends knew Warren G. – he was performing and invited our whole group backstage and in their trailer to party with them. We saw a wide range of performances, with James Bay being my favorite when he performed “Let It Go”.



After Coachella we partied in the campsites which are literally right outside of the venue. I’m considered the granny of the group because I always have to sleep so after Coachella ended (which I believe was around 12), everyone continues the parties outside. The after party is usually at the silent disco which is outside in the campsite area. I headed back to the house while my friends stayed. Everyone is super friendly & excited to be out having a good time & enjoying the music! This, for sure, is an experience you have to try at least once in your life!!

My Helpful Tips to You

  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2. Bring some type of bandana or scarf. It’s the desert so it gets very dusty and it helps to have something to cover your mouth – plus, it’s a super cute way to add a little fashion touch to your outfit.
  3. Most importantly….HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!

Coachella Style Inspiration

 ..Coachella Approved Shorts..

 ..Crop Tops Are a Must..

 ..Spice Up Your Style with a Bandana.. 

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