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Cold Shoulder Dress

The Halo Braid is one of my favorite go to looks for this Spring & Summer. I’m sharing the three easy steps on how to achieve this look.
1. Take a section of hair (about 3”) just above the ear. Be sure to leave some hair below so you avoid an empty spot.
   2. With the sectioned hair,  do a three strand or fishtail braid. This should start in a forward direction towards your face.
3. Once you’ve repeated this on both sides, take each finished braid and cross them over the top of your head. Secure them both using bobby pins. If you have bangs you can leave them out as I did here.
There you have a Halo Braid!
The key to picking out the perfect dress is looking for fun details. I love the keyhole and cold shoulder dress this season. I’ve selected a handful of options that are very appropriate for Easter Sunday coming up, Summer Vacations and Wedding Season which is just right around the corner.
Happy Spring Shopping!

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