Dearest, Fellow Beauty Enthusiasts!! Hello, hello!! I’m so excited to share my top favorite skin care products for the perfect at home facial with you today. It also happens to be the week of the Sephora’s Spring SALE! Use promo code SPRINGSAVE for your purchase to save!  Self care has always been a priority for me, even more so at the moment. Cystic acne, and/or if you want to call it “adult acne”, has been an on and off again issue for me over the last few years until recently!


Yes, everyone’s skin is different, but I do believe that these, along with the recommended products below, healthy lifestyle and a total of 4 micro-needling sessions, has lead to the success of my FINALLY NOW CLEAR SKIN!!! Check out this before and after:


Let’s talk about products! I was introduced to Tatcha’s amazing skincare products a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I use their Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser everyday & it’s at a great price point of $38! I feel this product helps truly cleanse my skin as well as leaving it ultra smooth.The watercress is my favorite to use to start my day! It’s such a lightweight cream that moisturizers without leaving you feeling oily throughout the day. Then there’s the Dewy Skin Cream also by Tatcha this has made my skin feel so much softer, smoother & it’s a perfect hydrating cream to use before bed. All around, I love Tatcha’s products, I feel you get a quality product; I’ve noticed my skin reacts very well to everything I’ve used of theirs without any breakouts. Their products also have a green leaf which means it has no paragons, sulfates or anything that compromises your skin which I’m all about.

Then we have Peter Thomas Roth products. I use one of the face masks everyday depending on my needs; I’ve linked them below…… BUT if there was one skin care product I just COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT it would be the Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. I’ll just be honest, sometimes when I wake up – even after a great night of sleep – my eyes don’t always look like they agree, if you know what I mean! LOL These are the perfect pick me ups to start your day.  I keep them in the fridge so they stay nice and cold. They’re the perfect eye mask to help eliminate any puffiness, dark circles & overall give you a nice glow in less that 15 minutes!

Micro-needling has made a world of difference in my skin – it’s helped with the deep acne scarring, texture & evening out my skin tone, which was a huge issue for me after I stopped experiencing breakouts. I received 4 treatments over the course of a year from Diane, who is an aesthetic nurse at Dr. Ackerman’s office. Facials at home are something I do on a regular basis. I love to use my at home micro-needling tool that helps penetrate the products deeper. This IS NOT as effective as getting a treatment at the doctor’s office, but is still a nice skin treatment to do as upkeep since I’m finally enjoying my clear skin!

Have you become aware of the Gua Sha & Jade Face Roller lately? Well….I’m here to say they’re worth the small investment. I usually like to end my at home facial with either of these. These tools are great for helping with under eye circles, wrinkles, acne & helps skincare products absorb easier. The movement brings fresh fluid, as well as inviting oxygenated blood to the area, which is like food for the skin!! (remember to always clean with rubbing alcohol before and after each use)

Hope this was a helpful guide to some amazing products and tools to help you have a wonderful at home facial experience!

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