SD Brewery Day Trip



Recently for my brother Michael’s 30th birthday we wanted to plan something special for him!! Together my mom, his girlfriend Jewel and I thought a brewery tour with his family and friends would be a perfect way to celebrate! I can confidently say it was a total success!!!

We started the day at my moms house for a morning breakfast & of course some beers! I made breakfast from a delicious hash brown casserole recipe for everyone to enjoy before drinking all day which was a helpful time saver & gave everyone a chance to catch up before the party bus arrived.




Taking a party bus was a great way for everyone to relax, hang out & gave us all time to catch up!! It was the perfect way to start a full day of brewery tours. We stopped at 3 breweries in San Diego. My favorite  was the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens-Liberty Station, it had a wonderful layout and the grounds were gorgeous. You can’t go wrong here it has all your bases covered here!  They have a full indoor and outdoor beer tasting, dining available, the venue is rather large, which was helpful because we were able to be seated and head straight to the bars, yes bars plural for some tastings.


The grounds at Stone Brewery are just gorgeous! Perfect environment for a birthday party or even a larger celebration like a wedding. They have a lot of versatility at this venue. I can’t wait for our next visit out there!!!


Other recommend brewery’s to stop at …

Ballast Point
Green Flash
Iron Fist
Mission Brewery

Recommended Orange County Party Bus

Bolt Transportation +1 (619) 206-0995



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