Homemade Coconut Coffee Creamer

Recently, in an effort to clean up my diet, I eliminated processed sugars and dairy. I struggle with acne and have heard sugar and dairy are inflammatory. Either way, I don’t think It can hurt to cut the two out. The hardest part for me has been not having the creamer for my morning coffee. I’m a coffee and creamer lover so it’s been a struggle getting used to black coffee.



I decided to make a homemade coconut creamer this weekend and LOVED IT!!! So I’m sharing this super easy DIY coffee creamer that I know you’ll love!

Coconut Creamer Recipe..

1 can of coconut cream

1 mason jar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

blue agave syrup ( Optional. Vary on taste. I used a small drizzle)


Combine all ingredients into mason jar. Shake well & refrigerate after each use. Enjoy!


Learn about all the benefits coconut cream has to offer….


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