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The Best GHD Curling Irons & How-To-Beach Waves

Natural Beach Wave Hair Style



Hair Styling Tip: This summer lay low on excessive hot tools & have fun with your natural waves. To recreate this beachy summer hairstyle follow directions below:

  1. Allow your hair to air dry and scrunch with hands while drying (this will enhance any natural wave)
  2. Use appropriate product for your hair type. Here I used ( Moroccan oil, Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion and Iron Clad Heat Protector)
  3. Use Heat Safe, GHD 1” curling iron once hair completely dry. Only use this to re-curl any pieces that need a little help. ( If time doesn’t allow, use blow dryer on low with diffuser or hands and gently remove the moisture.
  4. Take your fingertip and blend the curled pieces together & there you have beach waves!

As a hairdresser of 13 years, I can honestly say, I’m 100% satisfied with the GHD hot tools. After an at home 3 month trial run using only GHD hot tools.  I’ve noticed, less to minimal heat damage, hair growth and overall my hair feels and looks better than it ever has.

The GHD hot tools guarantee a 24 hour hold, minimal to no heat damage and with their up to date technology the hot tools only heat up to the appropriate temperature for your hair. This means there is no temperature setting, so this hot tool manually adjusts to your hair type. I highly recommend shopping this brand, if your looking for the best quality tools for your hair!

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