Bree Cheese Rasberry Danish

As we approach Fall, comfort foods, homemade desserts and anything warm sounds amazing doesn’t it? This raspberry bree cheese danish is the perfect comfort food appitizer! This was a childhood favorite of mine, that my cousin Nicole would make for the family during the holiday season. It’s very quick, easy and a total crowd pleaser!




1 can of crescent rolls

3 Tbs of raspberry preserve

1 egg

1 8oz of bree cheese


1. Spray pan with oil & roll crescent rolls out into two flat squares

2. Place sliced bree cheese in the middle (enough to fill up the center)

3. Place 3 Tbs of Rasberry preserve on top of the bree cheese

4. Gently fold all four corners make a circle shape

5. Brush beaten egg on top

6. Bake at 350• for 30 min or until golden brown

7. Enjoy!


Below are some example of what it’ll look like before putting in the oven.






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