Dracula’s Dentures Cookies



It’s become a tradition around this time of year to make these super festive Halloween cookies. Whether you’re making these cookies with the kids or for a Halloween party with friends, you can’t go wrong! Not only are these Dracula’s Denture cookies the ideal sweet treat, they make a killer decor plate on the dessert table.

Dracula’s Dentures Cookies Recipe


1 24 pack of Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies

1 bag of mini marshmallows

1 bag of silvered almonds

1 red decorating icing bag


1. Bake cookies as directed. Let cool for at least 2 hours.

2. When ready to make cookies, cut cookies in half.

3. Line both the outer corners of the cookies with red decorating icing. (This will create a bloody look around the mouth & teeth)

4. Place mini marshmallows on top of the red icing, then place the other half of the cookie on top, which will create Dracula’s Dentures.


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