Hairdresser Fashion Inspiration


Sharing some hairstylist fashion on the blog today:  I love something comfy and cute when I’m working behind the chair. I feel that when I’m wearing comfortable clothes, I can focus better on my craft.

I think it’s so important to ALWAYS look your best! The whole “look good/feel good” concept, in my eyes, is dead on. It’s even more important to apply this concept while working with clients. I feel when you’re dressed well, it shows confidence, respect and automatically helps build trust with your guest. It’s a part of our job to know what’s up in the fashion world anyway, right? People want to get their hair done by someone who knows what looks good. What better way to reassure them than by looking your best?

One of my favorite go to looks is a pencil skirt with a basic tee. Try tying your basic tee with a side knot for a more casual look. You can pair any pencil skirt with any basic tee you have to replicate this look.

If you’d like to shop this similar style check out some of the options I’ve shared below.






 ..Graphic Tees..

.. Long Sleeve Crop Top..

 ..Maroon Pencil Skirt.. 

 ..Grey Pencil Skirt.. 

..The Perfect Salon Shoe..

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